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Cleopatra’s Hot Chocolate $24.95 (25 grams)

Traditional Aphrodisiac Herbs loved in Peru, Mexico & Brazil

Delicious blend of all natural and effective aphrodisiac ingredients. Stimulates energy, stamina, increased sensation and fantasy thoughts.

Ingredients: Swiss grade cocoa powder, Peruvian Maca, Damiana, Muira Puama and Catuaba.

Directions for use: Mix 1-2 teaspoons with boiling water, sweetener and milk.

Best results: Use 3-4 mornings per week to receive full benefits. You will notice full effects within a week.


Cleopatra’s Aphrodisiac Tea $24.95 (15 grams)

  • Includes a FREE Tea Strainer!

Traditional Aphrodisiac Herbs loved by the Aztec’s & the Ancient Egyptians

Relaxing bedtime tea with immediate effect. Tastes delicious. Stimulates relaxed mind/body, extra sensation, warm loving feelings.

Ingredients: Damiana, Blue Lotus Flower, Horny Goat Weed.

Directions for use: Add 1-2 teaspoons with boiling water and honey. Let stand for 5 mins.

Best results: Two cups in a row for the best effect.


Cleopatra’s Love Potion $19.95 (15 grams)

Traditional Aphrodisiac Herb commonly known as ‘the goddess of love’

This amazing aphrodisiac herb Damiana can be consumed as a tea or made into a love potion. It was also traditionally smoked.

Directions for love potion: Soak 15 grams (whole bag) in 300ml of vodka or white wine for a few days. Strain and share with a lover.

Best results: Enjoy mixed with orange juice.


Wildfire Massage Oil $29.95

Wildfire Pleasure Oil is packed with erectile and libido herbs that enhance your performance and longevity in the bedroom. The couple’s formulation has something for you both. The potent herbal aphrodisiacs help keep men in the game harder and longer while working on the female to increase her libido as they trans-dermally absorb into the bloodstream. Made with the highest grade 100% natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals and synthetics!

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Chaste Tree Berry, Wild Yam, Vitamin E, Horny Goat Weed, Marigold, Black Cohosh, Tribulus, Ginkgo Biloba, Bergamot essential oil, Patchouli essential oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil, Sandalwood essential oil, Rose Geranium essential oil. This product contains only pure essential oil, not synthetic fragrance.


Wildfire Edible Body Fusion $34.95

Wildfire’s Edible Body Fusion Vanilla Desires is the ultimate sensual body butter experience.  Uncover sensations like never before and truly discover your partners body while sending them to a state of total bliss. A rich vanilla and coconut taste sensation  that gets bolder with every massage stroke. Indulge your senses as the pure coconut fragrance fills the air. This is romance at its most seductive. It’s time to touch, taste and tantalise.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Beeswax, Olive oil, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Mango butter, Macadamia oil, Avocado oil, Vanilla bean extract, Vitamin E, Stevia extract.


Men’s Libido Booster $12.95 (50 grams)

Boost your libido and testosterone naturally and effectively with these 8 traditional aphrodisiac herbs.

Ingredients: Muira Puama, Saw Palmetto, Catuaba,  Sarsparilla, Clavo Huasca, No de Cachorro, Tribulus, Tongkat Ali.

Directions for use: 1 teaspoon per serve. Mix into a paste with honey and add hot water. 

Best results: Brew in a pot for 10 mins, strain and add honey. Use 3-4 days per week and notice full effects within a week.


 (Miracle Minded Pty Ltd products are traditional herbs sold as herbal teas. We do not declare them to have therapeutic or medicinal properties. We simply promote the historical uses and customers experiences.)