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Enhance Your Libido

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 With a collection of damiana, horny goat weed and hot chocolate blends, we’re providing both men and women with a newfound sense of liberation.

At Miracle Minded, we’re determined to raise the bar in herbal products and teas that act as a subtle, yet bold aphrodisiac that adds to the bottom line of your love life. Blending horny goat weed with damiana extracts and other natural herbs, we’ve crafted a range of herbal hot chocolate and tea products that is breaking new ground for couples across Australia.

Moreover, we’ve ensured that the historical contexts of the ingredients that we use – including damiana and horny goat weed – is the of the highest standard possible, presenting customers with an amazing experience.

'Cleopatra's Hot Chocolate - Beautiful flavour with amazing properties. The energy I have experienced allows me to feel relaxed and confident. I feel compelled to say my meditation was full of women and honoring myself. I feel free to lose inhibitions. Cleopatra's Aphrodisiac Tea - Simple to make and received benefits quickly on second cup. My libido has increased and I feel great awareness of my desires towards myself and my husband. Allows my body to relax and enjoy after a busy day. I'd highly recommend these products to all women especially women who need support with fertility, stamina and any female ailment.' - Piia - QLD 

'Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I am enjoying the Cleopatra Hot Chocolate. I add a teaspoon to my coffee every morning for a delicious mocha. It has given me a ton of energy and a calmer mood. I am hooked, chocolate that is really, really good for you and your partner. Now I have the energy to keep going all day (as a mum with a very active toddler) and look forward to going to bed at night for all the right reasons. My husband noticed the increase and energy and loving too.' - Michelle QLD.

'Really enjoying the herbal hot chocolate and tea! They taste great and seem to be working! Have more energy and more desire later in the evening with my husband! The tea certainly makes me relaxed and sleepy!! Thanks!' - Jade QLD

'I recently bought Cleopatra's Hot Chocolate online to try. I have been lacking energy and especially libido for months now. I heard through a friend about it and it sounded great. I have been using it in the mornings a few days a week for about two weeks and wow! Not only do I have more energy that lasts all day, I feel lifted and more motivated. This makes me feel back on my game as a woman and even sexy again! My husband is enjoying himself and so am I! Thank you Miracle Minded.' - Emma WA

If you’d like to find out more about our horny goat weed tea, damiana tea or herbal hot chocolate blends, please get in touch by filling in the contact form on the homepage.